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Thursday 30 Sep 2021
Irish FA council convenes for September meeting

The latest Irish FA council meeting saw a series of elections to committees.

Linfield director Stephen Shaw was appointed to the Appeals Committee along with Carla Dallas from the Ballymena and Provincial League.

Colin McCullough was appointed to the Intermediate Committee along with Wayne Irvine from the Amateur League, Christopher McCormack from the Ballymena and Provincial League and Michael Long from the County Antrim FA.

Ciaran McCrea from the County Antrim FA was appointed to the Junior and Youth Cup Committee. 

Brian Adams was appointed to the Disciplinary Committee, Jack Grundie was appointed to the Appeals Committee. Stephen Henderson was appointed to the Challenge Cup Committee along with Keith Boyd and Connaire McGreevy. 

An update and subsequent discussion was had on refereeing, ticketing and the new Irish FA strategy consultation. 

The next council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 20 October 2021.