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Northern Ireland Under 17 Women

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Northern Ireland Under 17 Women

Management Team


Lilie Crooks.JPG

Lilie Crooks

Erin McAllister


Niamh Coyle.JPG

Niamh Coyle

Abi Sweetlove.JPG

Abi Sweetlove

Sarah Tweedie.JPG

Sarah Tweedie

Cerys Madden.JPG

Cerys Madden

Rebecca Magee.JPG

Rebecca Magee

Sofie Keenan.JPG

Sofie Keenan

Tara Gilmore.JPG

Tara Gilmore

Clarah Quigg.JPG

Clarah Quigg


Rhyleigh Marks.JPG

Rhyleigh Marks

Molly Loughran.JPG

Molly Loughran

Aoibhe O’Neill.JPG

Aoibhe O’Neill

Faye Loughran.JPG

Faye Loughran

Aimee Kerr.JPG

Aimee Kerr

Naomi McLaughlin


Tara Reilly.JPG

Tara Reilly

Sophie Gargan.JPG

Sophie Gargan

Chelsea Scott.JPG

Chelsea Scott

Emily Reid.JPG

Emily Reid

Rachel McIntyre.JPG

Rachel McIntyre