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IFA Foundation online resources

Irish FA Foundation continues its work online 

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic the Irish FA Foundation, like many other organisations, has had to implement a new style of working.

All of us in the foundation are currently working from home using phone, email and Microsoft Teams to connect with one another and to continue the elements of our work that are feasible at this stage. 

We continue to plan for future events and we have also prepared online resources which you will find in this section of the Irish FA website.

They include classroom worksheets and agility worksheets which form part of our Department of Education-funded Schools Sports Programme, Ahead of the Game mental health advice and the People and Clubs operational programme.

And in this section you will also find the Foundation’s Annual Report, which details the impact of our work across Northern Ireland.

The Irish FA Foundation exists to serve the Northern Ireland public through the sport of football. We use sport as a hook to promote community relations, education, employability, positive mental health and football for all.

For now we must serve you remotely and online but we dream of the day we can get back to the normal business of serving you in person. Keep smiling and sharing your skills online. 

Michael Boyd, Director of Football Development, Irish FA Foundation

Skills development programme coaching manual

Sports Programme: Let Them Play Challenge

Click on the tabs below to access the videos.


Challenge Videos

Cards Up

Bucket Run

Leap the Lava


Balance & Flexibility


Throwing & Catching

Ball Familiarisation & Target Throw

Passing & Receiving

Sports Programme: Classroom worksheets

5 steps to managing yourself at this time

Recipe ideas

Download some recipe ideas here

Look after your mental health

Curriculum Sports Programme