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Thursday 23 Jun 2016
UEFA EURO 2016 - Procedure for Ticket Distribution for Knock-Out Stages

Fans With Tickets (voucher holders)

All individuals who have purchased “Follow My Team” tickets or single tickets for any match beyond the group stages have already received vouchers.

These vouchers are to be exchanged at the Voucher Exchange Point (VEP) in the host city where the knock-out match is taking place. UEFA have emailed voucher holders already and Northern Ireland fans can today start collecting their tickets adjacent to the Parc des Princes in Paris (VEP 1) or across the city at VEP 2.

We advise all fans to collect tickets as early as possible. Opening times and location details are available here:

VEP 1 location

VEP 2 location

The Irish FA will have no input into this process and all queries should be directed to UEFA, the UEFA website and UEFA staff at the VEP.


  • UEFA will email each voucher-holding fan following qualification to the next round and provide full instructions as to where and when vouchers can be exchanged for tickets, and what the customer needs to provide – proof of ID and the voucher which they currently hold.
  • Only the customer named on the ticket application can exchange the vouchers (in person)
  • UEFA staff will handle all aspects of the voucher exchange.  
  • Fans must exchange their voucher for a valid ticket before gaining access to the stadium.

ADVICE: The Irish FA advise all fans to exchange vouchers on Match Day minus 2 or Match Day minus 1. The VEP will be hugely busy! If you leave it to match day you risk missing part or all of the match due to the huge numbers of fans exchanging vouchers. Please allow sufficient time to travel to the match and ensure voucher exchange in good time ahead of kick-off!

 Paris VEP location










Directions / Time from VEP to Stadium

VEP 1 link on Google Maps

VEP 2 link on Google Maps

Fans Without Tickets

Tickets are currently on sale on the UEFA ticket portal on a first-come first-served basis.

The Irish FA will have no input into this process (no priority system will apply) and all queries should be directed to UEFA and the UEFA website.

We have asked UEFA to confirm availability for potential Northern Ireland knock-out matches and for details on when they will be made available online.


  • Tickets for the knock-out phases will be available for purchase subject to availability.
  • All tickets will be sold via the official website
  • Tickets will be sold on a first-come first-served basis
  • Fans will get email confirmation following purchase and will need to bring this with ID to the Ticket Collection Point in the host city for the relevant match for collection of tickets.
  • The Ticket Collection Point is separate from the Voucher Exchange Point but they are both in the same building. Full details regarding the location of each Ticket Collection Point are available at: