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Wednesday 10 Feb 2016
Uefa Euro 2016 Ticket Q+A

Was the priority scheme implemented for Northern Ireland’s matches?

The Irish FA was informed by UEFA yesterday that the priority scheme was implemented for all three of Northern Ireland’s matches. Over the past 24 hours we have been contacted by a large number of our supporters who were top-priority fans and who did not get tickets. We have asked UEFA today to clarify how the priority was applied to Category 3 tickets and to show why so many of our fans missed out.

Why did the Irish FA discourage fans from submitting ‘Follow My Team’ applications?

We followed the information that was given to us by UEFA which was to explain to supporters that there was risk involved in Follow my Team. Its is an ‘all or nothing option’ - fans either got tickets for all of Northern Ireland’s games or got none. We issued UEFA’s advice to our fans and let fans make the decision.

How have you arrived at the 18 points figure for extra tickets?

Applications from fans with 18 points or more who have been unsuccessful will get the extra tickets based on the information that we have been supplied by UEFA comparing that against our priority list. For example, 18 points equates to a fan who has renewed their block booking (ie was a block booker for the World Cup qualifiers and the Euro 2016 qualifiers) and has attended either two friendlies or an away competitive game.

How will it be ensured that those with high priority points who missed out will get the extra tickets?

We are currently working this out with UEFA. They have committed to contacting fans by the end of the month.

Is the IFA aware of any similar issues with the Ukraine and Germany games? If so is the association asking for help from UEFA to resolve issues with those games?

We are not aware of the same level of issues with the other games which have higher capacities. UEFA have told us that our top-ranked fans got tickets for those matches.

If you have any questions regarding the tickets for UEFA Euro 2016, please email