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Wednesday 15 Feb 2017
Game is on course for further development

The Irish FA will be delivering an extensive futsal coach education programme across Northern Ireland this year.

Courses will be offered in all council areas across the country and delivered by Irish FA futsal development staff. 

The Irish FA hopes the education provided will enable more coaches to gain an understanding of the game and lead to greater participation at grassroots and domestic level. 

The two courses on offer are the Futsal Introductory Award and the Futsal Level One Award.

The Futsal Introductory Award is an attendance based award aimed at volunteers, parents, teachers and aspiring or existing coaches working in the area of grassroots football that have a desire and the confidence to start futsal programmes within their club and community set-ups. 

The course is three hours in duration, with both theoretical and practical content.  Participants who complete the course will be presented with an Irish FA Futsal Introductory Award and resource booklet.

The Futsal Level One Award is an assessed award and is an important step to progressing the game of futsal in Northern Ireland and further developing the knowledge of the game among all coaches. The curriculum includes technical instruction, conditioning, set pieces, goalkeeping and a referee award.

The course is three days in duration (21 hours) with both theoretical and practical content. Participants who complete the course will be presented with an Irish FA Futsal Level One Award.

Candidates can register for the courses by clicking here. For more information about the courses contact