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Friday 31 May 2019
Two-year-old Flynn Rutter is our Northern Ireland Fan of the Month for May

Little Flynn Rutter has suffered from health problems all his life but still finds time to watch every Northern Ireland game with his parents. 

He was diagnosed with ADA-SCID which is a genetic disorder caused by mistakes in a gene that makes up part of the immune system, in Flynn's case the ADA part is one of the rarest kinds of SCID there is. 

Flynn's mother Brooklyn told us how much they enjoy watching Northern Ireland games together. 

She said: "We watch all the Northern Ireland games and Flynn absolutely loves football! Unfortunately he hasn’t been to a game but I’m sure he would love to and as his mother I know we'd like to experience a football match!"

Brooklyn and Flynn will be travelling to and from Great Ormond Street hospital in London where Flynn will receive gene therapy and undergo a bone marrow harvest so they can correct his genes. He will then be given two days of chemotherapy. 

Flynn's Journey is a fundraising page supported by the Bradley Lowry Foundation set up to cover accommodation and travel costs to Great Ormond Street hospital.

Brooklyn revealed: "I’m absolutely overjoyed about Flynn being Northern Ireland's Fan of the Month. It’s probably the proudest thing that’s happened to us as a family.  I’m sure all of our family in Belfast are all super proud too! 

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Flynn's Journey is supported by the Bradley Lowery Foundation.

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