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Friday 01 Nov 2019
Fans of the Month Pretty Cartel dedicate latest music video to George Best

Fans of the Month for October and local band Pretty Cartel shot their latest music video in George Best's family home as they pay tribute to one of Northern Ireland's greatest ever footballers. 

Pretty Cartel is made up of Northern Ireland fans Dee McIlroy (lead singer), Ian Currie (Rhythm Guitarist/Back up Singer), Neill Mackin (Bass Player), Fergus McPherson (Drummer) and Neal Connor (Lead Guitar). 

Lead guitarist and GAWA fanatic Neal Connor told us of the bands delight at becoming Fans of the Month: "Compare the feeling of our victory over Spain and England haha! We are thankful of everyone that supports us. We have a following that just keeps growing daily and to be a part of something special like this does mean a lot to each of us, so thank you."

The band shot the music video for latest single 'Come Back Around' in the family home of George Best in Burren Way, Belfast which was quite the experience for these lifelong Northern Ireland fans.

Lead singer Dee McIlroy told us: "I could see George Best in the words. ’How does it feel with the world at your feet and what would you say if it’s taken away?' Our bass player Neill was wearing his Northern Ireland top and I thought that’s who I seen when I was singing that song, George Best.

"We brought the inspiration into the video which was recorded by DanDanDann Productions. It felt very special. There’s no doubt George influenced every single kid in this country growing up and continues to do so. A young George Best, perfecting his love for the game. After all he shown us what you can achieve, no matter where you’re from. He taught us a lot. Work hard, stay true and keep on believing."

Neal gave us an insight on what it was like for the band to film in the house Best grew up in: "We couldn’t believe where we were. The greatest footballer from Northern Ireland walked out through that door, kicking the ball up the street. One of those moments where the band fell silent for a bit to take it all in.

"Here we were, recording a music video and on the same street as he grew up on. We didn’t feel out of place, we all had that connection from our working class backgrounds. This small house was where a legend was born. They said the house was left pretty much the way his Father had left it. Playing on the TV was the 1968 Man Utd v Benfica European Cup Final, we just talked about how his Father ‘Dickie’ would have probably sat and cheered his son on from that very spot whilst looking out the window at the place where George played football. That’s why we used the old style TV to depict those special moments of him playing football. So all in all a very inspirational day for an inspirational person."

The band reminded us about the importance of not forgetting the great players Northern Ireland has produced over the years.

They revealed: "We have had fantastic players over the years. The fan’s and players know who they are, those players inspire the younger ones to put on the green shirt. We have never stepped away from our working class background and I think that’s why our music is very relatable in the same way Northern Ireland players have the connection to the fans.

"They are proud of what they’re doing and what they’re doing it for. Everybody has to start somewhere and we feel that the ‘George Best Effect’ lives on to inspire the younger generation not only in football but in music.  We see the stage as our football pitch, you have to give it all."

You can see Pretty Cartel's version of 'Belfast Boy' by clicking the video at the top of the page and you can watch their full George Best themed music video for 'Come Back Around' by CLICKING HERE

If you would like to follow the band you can find them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube by searching for 'Pretty Cartel'. Their new album ’Top Hat Ballroom’ is out now on Spotify and will also be available in the Belfast HMV store Donegall Arcade.