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Wednesday 03 Apr 2019
WATCH | Child's fantastic reaction to receiving first Northern Ireland tickets earns Fan of the Month

When parents of seven-year-old Jensen surprised him with tickets to his first Northern Ireland match, his reaction was truly heart-warming. 

His priceless response was recorded by mother Janis Irvine and involves his father, Jay, asking him how much he loves Northern Ireland. When he says how much, he is rewarded with the tickets and the reaction is a must-watch.

This passion-filled reaction from such a young supporter was certainly worthy of Jensen claiming our Fan of the Month for March. 

Mother Janis was extremely proud of her son: "My son is delighted, he loves the team. You can see what it means to Jensen to support Northern Ireland. He's been to quite a few games since that video was taken last year. The other fans around us always comment on how excited he is - and vocal!

"He was six at the time and and when we surprised him with tickets last year he was over the moon. I think we were all crying happy tears by the end of it. After he calmed down a bit, eventually I did get a kiss and a hug, but not as big as dad's hug!" 

Jensen was thrilled to be able to share his love for Northern Ireland with his school mates. "They thought it was really cool and couldn't believe I was on the Northern Ireland page. 

"I love all the songs and even more all the goals. My favourite player is Steve Davis then Kyle Lafferty, then Jonny Evans and also Jamal Lewis." he revealed. 

Sweet Caroline is a favourite of little Jensen whether it's at the stadium or at home. 

Janis told us: "He was watching the Belarus match on TV and when he heard Sweet Caroline played he said mummy when I hear that when I am at the match it makes me want to cry, but they are happy tears. 

"We are extremely proud. Jensen is generally a sweet & loving little boy and we were proud to share that with the GAWA."

You can see the video by clicking on the image at the top of the page. 

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