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Friday 04 Mar 2016
Irish FA to play a key role in the use of video assistants

A delegation of five officials will represent the Irish FA this weekend along with their counterparts from sister British Associations – the FA, the Scottish FA and the FA of Wales - and representatives from FIFA’s Executive Committee.

Included in the group of FIFA officials is newly elected President Gianni Infantino. This will be Infantino’s first official function as FIFA President, so the spotlight will be on him as he starts off in his new role.

IFAB are the rule making body for association football worldwide, with their AGM being the only opportunity to make changes to the laws of the game. The 130th AGM of IFAB will be the most significant meeting for over 100 years, with the agenda highlighted by a major revision of the laws of the game and the discussion of use of video assistants.

If IFAB decide to progress with video assistants, it will be the most significant development since 1891 when football matches had two on-field umpires and one off-field referee. Following discussions, it is likely that experimentation will follow in several leagues across the globe.

The Irish FA are proud to have Head of CEO Office, William Campbell, as the longest serving member of IFAB having been present for over 25 years now. Campbell, who takes on a ‘Father of the House’ role on the back of Sepp Blatter’s departure, has hosted the IFAB AGM on six occasions in Northern Ireland.

He has indicated the significance of this meeting over all others since he joined back in 1985.

Campbell comments, “IFAB have been custodians of the laws of the game since the 1880’s and have been instrumental in ensuring that the game has developed and grown with the simplicity of the 17 laws retaining the universal appeal of the game.

“In recent years, IFAB have monitored the progression of how video technology can positively affect football whilst maintaining the flow of the game. We have had helpful recommendations from the Football and Technical Advisory panels, and are hopeful that some experimentation will take place.”

Campbell is looking forward to welcoming the newly elected FIFA President to IFAB where he will have the opportunity to make an instant impact. 

“It will be great to welcome Gianni Infantino for what will be the most significant meeting of IFAB in my time.”