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Wednesday 15 Jul 2015
Referees Committee

The Football Committee require six members and the interested parties / applicants must demonstrate the following criteria

  • You have been an active Referee in Northern Ireland for at least the last 10 years (but not currently active)
  • Able to demonstrate a continuing involvement in Refereeing in Northern Ireland
  • At least 3 members must have served on the FIFA List of International Referees/Assistants

Applicants are reminded of Article 3 of the IFA Articles which states that: “No person shall be elected, appointed, nominated or remain as a member of Council, the Board or any other Association Committee if at the time of the election appointing or nominating that the person has attained that age of 70 years unless that person was prior to the date of passing of these Articles passed on 22 June 2011 a member of Council, the Executive Board or any other Association Committee (to  which it is proposed to elect appoint or nominate him) and in the event he shall be eligible for election, appointment or nomination unless he shall have attained the age of 75.”

It is anticipated that the Committee will meet at least quarterly and attendance at these meetings is expected. The role is voluntary though out of pocket expenses will be covered. In addition to meetings each committee member will be assigned an area of responsibility and will be expected to report on a monthly basis to the Football Committee on this area.

The six areas of responsibility will be: Senior Referees; Referee Development; Referee Observers; Referee Fitness & Welfare; Recruitment & Retention and Referee Education

Anyone wishing to be considered should complete the expression of interest form and return it to Karen Dunne: kdunne@irishfa.com to arrive no later than Friday 24 July 2015.

CLICK HERE to download the expression of interest form.