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Player Development Programme

The Irish FA Foundation Player Development Programme works with the Irish FA Elite Performance team to identify talented footballers and selects regional squads at Primary 7 and Year 8 level (2008 and 2007).  The programme is open to boys and girls and each region will aim for 20% of participants to be female.

Participants on the programme are provided with 24 sessions which combine football and futsal coaching along with a games programme against other regions.

The programme concludes in the summer with a national festival with all 12 squads competing in small sided games.

The programme is delivered by Irish FA Foundation Primary School Coaches.  These coaches are responsible for the trial process, session delivery and management of squads during regional matches.  In total the programme works with 280 of the best young footballers in the country and aims to provide a platform to best equip participants to graduate into the Irish FA Girls Excellence or Club NI programmes.

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