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The Irish Football Association is committed to promoting and upholding the integrity of our sport across the football family. 

We adhere to UEFA and FIFA integrity regulations and requirements and as such identify education around betting, use of inside information and match fixing as essential to protect and maintain the integrity of football in Northern Ireland.

Article 45 of IFA Football Regulations states that “All persons bound by IFA’s rules and regulations must refrain from any behaviour that damages or could damage the integrity of matches and competitions and must co-operate fully with IFA at all times in its efforts to combat such behaviour.”

To support this we have a set of rules that all club officials, players, match officials and Irish FA staff must adhere to.

These rules cover three main areas:

· Betting

· The use of inside information

· Match manipulation

These rules help ensure that anyone involved in a football match is performing to the best of their ability without any conflicting objectives.

The sections below outline key information on the elements of integrity.