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Access NI - Vetting Checks

As a governing body, the Irish FA recognises its responsibility to support all football clubs and affiliated bodies to recruit and select suitable volunteers and coaches.

The Irish FA acts as an umbrella body for Access NI overseeing vetting checks for all volunteers from affiliated bodies and football clubs who are engaging in a regulated activity.

Irish FA AccessNI application process

All affiliated club/leagues/Associations must ensure appropriate AccessNI checks are completed within their organisation and updated every 3 years.


If you have previous cautions/convictions and/or investigations, you must submit the original Enhanced Disclosure Certificate you receive from AccessNI for further assessment. Failure to submit appropriate information and engage meaningfully in the assessment will result in application being incomplete. As such, you will be deemed unsuitable to take up a role in affiliated youth football.


What is an enhanced Access NI check?


How often should I make an Access NI application?

How do you apply for an Access NI check?

What happens after I submit my application?