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Become a referee

The Referee Beginners Course is now known as the Referee Level 1 award. Below is information on the course, the requirements and the early first steps in your refereeing career.

How do I sign up?

You can register for the course here – currently the course costs £50.

The £50 covers all aspects of your course and your Access NI check which you must complete.

What does the course entail?

Once payment is received you will be sent all of the information for your course. 

Practical Skills Workshop

The practical module is part classroom and part pitch based and is 4 hours long. This will provide you with onfield skills and understanding on fouls and laws of the game.

Safeguarding Workshop

The safeguarding workshop also incorporates aspects of Law 12 (Fouls & Misconduct) as well as skills to keep everyone within the football family safe. You also must complete the following before you can start refereeing;

Complete your Access NI check

I need an Access NI number to complete your registration. You will need to provide one of the following

· A new Access NI check

· Your Access NI certificate as applied for by the Irish FA

· Your Access NI certificate received through another body if it’s less than 12 months’ old

Register as a Referee

Once you have completed your Referee Level 1 you will need to register with the Irish Football Association online and your local Referees’ Association. T

here is an annual fee for registering with your association which must be paid before 1st June every year. Details on how to pay this will be provided when you pass the course.

Next Steps

In June 2017, we are launching our Level 2 Referee Award. This is for all referees who want to start refereeing and is mandatory for any referee wanting to join the regional development group.

The level 2 award consists of 5 Self Assessments:

1 x 4 hour workshop

Assistant Referee Online Workshop

Report Writing Online Workshop

Laws of a Game test

Video Test

On completion of the short online course you will be given details of development groups in your area. You will also complete 5 assessments from your first games and be watched by a mentor or coach.

You will automatically be enrolled on the regional development group on completion of the Level 2 award.