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People & Clubs Accreditation

People and Clubs Accreditation is the Irish FA’s accreditation scheme for all clubs across Northern Ireland.

The accreditation initially had two levels but after further consultation, has been refined down to one level known as the People and Clubs Accreditation. It aims to recognise and reward our people and clubs who go above and beyond by providing their members with great experiences, have a developmental and inclusive environment, follow safeguarding guidelines and link in with the local community.

We will work together with you to complete this process and provide you with templates to help complete the process and an Irish FA staff member to work with you through the accreditation.

We recognise that people in our clubs give up a lot of their time helping to run football in this country and we aim to make that easier for them by providing them with templates and resources that they can download on their portal as well as making the People and Clubs Accreditation (previously known as Club Mark) more accessible.

The accreditation can now be completed via our online Club Portal (below).  

The online portal has a variety of features:

  •        The ability to complete People and Clubs Accreditation
  •        Clubs can store their club documents
  •        Club documents- keep your documents up to date and in one place
  •        Templates-Available to all clubs
  •        Continually updated
  •        Resources- a variety of resources for people and clubs
  •        Club Profile- edit and manage your club details
  •        Role management- download a variety of role descriptions and keep a record of your club people in one place. 

List of accredited clubs

Accredited Clubs


  •       - Clubs who achieve the accreditation will be listed on our website.
  •       - Grassroots Coach Education Bursaries for achieving accreditation (£250 bursary)
  •       - Strengthens a club’s readiness and access to funding
  •       - Club’s will be recognised as best practice clubs for development and inclusion
  •       - Potential video and promotional opportunities through Irish FA programmes

For any more information on People and Clubs Accreditation please contact our Club and Community Development Officer Kyle Robinson at or your Regional Grassroots Development Officer.

Accreditation User Guide

Click to access Accreditation User Guide

Kyle Robinson

Club & Community Development Officer