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Friday 22 Feb 2019
Northern Ireland Podcast Episode Three: Trevor Carson

The latest episode of the Northern Ireland Podcast with Trevor Carson is now available on YouTube, ITunes and Spotify.

The Killyleagh goalkeeper shares on his recent blood clot injury where he was told by doctors that they were '90% convinced' he had cancer.

Carson, who plays for Motherwell, shared openly on conversations with doctors on how the blood clot just bypassed his heart and how it could have 'basically been game over'.

Also, the 30 year old talks about his football journey from trialing at the age of nine at Manchester United to being scouted by Leeds United as a centre midfielder instead of goalkeeper.

What are his steps to recovery? Who is the biggest prankster in the Northern Ireland team? What is his favourite chippy? A whole range of subjects are covered in the Northern Ireland Podcast which you can access below or watch in the video at the top of the page.