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Release Date: 20/11/2008

‘ARMS Of Belfast Town’ is the new single taken from Ricky Warwick’s forthcoming album ‘Belfast Confetti’.

Ricky is an active member of the United States Northern Ireland Supporters Club and has been given the official backing of the IFA and the fan site - Our Wee Country.

During half-time at Wednesday night’s Nationwide International – Northern Ireland v Hungary, Ricky performed his new single which is due for release in March 2009 with the album following a few weeks later.

Speaking about the new single, Ricky said: “I wanted to write a song about growing up and coming from Northern Ireland. I wanted to write about the old stories my Da told me, the old characters and neighbours who would drop in for a yarn, friends, family, places that meant and still mean so much to me. My boyhood heroes - George Best, Gerry Armstrong, and seeing Stiff Little Fingers for the first time.

“Of course I am aware what ‘Belfast Confetti’ meant back in darker times. There have been many great songs that have unfortunately been inspired and written about the Troubles over the years and they have affected almost everyone in one way or another.

It would be impossible to write about being Northern Irish and not mention them, but with the song ‘Arms Of Belfast Town’ and in fact the whole album ‘Belfast Confetti’ I wanted to concentrate on all that’s good, the humour, warmth, passion and belief of the people. The beauty of the country (give me the view from Scrabo Tower on a clear day and you can keep your Grand Canyon).

“So to me, what ‘Belfast Confetti’ now means is a collection of stories, my own, my family’s and my friends most of whom are scattered all over the world, but when talk turns to home, their eyes light up and the reminiscing begins.  With all of the positive changes that have happened in the last 15 years, we now have people returning home in droves, instead of people leaving and moving away.  I am proud to be from Newtownards, County Down and I am proud to be a part of the GAWA - always have and always will be.”

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    Ricky Warwick pictured performing during Wednesday night’s Nationwide International at Windsor Park.

  • hungary

    Michael McKillop (Gold Medal winner in the 800m at the 2008 Paralympics) and Paddy Barnes (Light-flyweight Bronze Medal winner at the 2008 Olympics) pictured with Dame Mary Peters and IFA President Raymond Kennedy at Windsor Park on Wednesday night before the Nationwide International – Northern Ireland v Hungary.

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