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Pre-registration Information

Please note all forms have now closed

Together with UEFA, the Irish FA is compiling a pre-registration list of supporters ahead of the possibility that Northern Ireland will qualify for EURO 2020.

Lead bookers of Campaign Cards, Official Members and match-by-match purchasers will be asked to submit additional information on their ticket purchases over the previous two campaigns including the name, DOB and email address of those who used the tickets. Campaign Card holders will also have the opportunity to individualise other Campaign Card holders within their account. 

We advise all supporters to read the pre-registration guidelines and FAQs and submit their information accordingly regardless if they, at this stage, plan to attend the Euros as after this cut-off, there may be no further option to apply.

Lead bookers of Campaign Cards, lead bookers of official members as well as all match-by-match purchasers who have submitted an email address on purchase of match tickets during the last two campaigns will receive an email with further instruction on completing this information. 

It is also very likely that this information will be used in the renewal of Campaign Cards and so it is crucial that the information is completed accurately and submitted. 

All information for pre-registration should be submitted no later than midnight on Tuesday 19 November. 

Pre-registration guidelines

Please read these carefully in advance of completing your pre-registration form(s)

  •       The full name should be completed as first name followed by surname and separated by a space
  •       The full name should not include titles 
  •       The full name should not include spaces within either the first or surname
  •       It is strongly advised to check the spelling of the full name before submitting
  •       The name submitted should be the name used in official ID such as a passport
  •       The DOB should be entered using the calendar function which allows a drop down for year of birth 
  •       It is strongly advised to check the DOB before submitting 
  •       It is strongly advised to check the email address before submitting
  •       Duplicate email addresses will not be accepted and therefore the same email address can’t be used for more than one supporter 
  •       If a supporter doesn’t have an email address it is recommend that they create one
  •       On submission you will receive a thank-you for submitting your form message on screen 
  •       You should also receive a receipt by email but please be aware that this can be blocked by email account settings 
  •       It is recommended that you make a copy of the information you have submitted by screen shot 



What will this information be used for?

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Which games will be included in the assigning of loyalty points to accounts?

Terms and Conditions 

By submitting these details, the supporter agrees that the Irish FA can share this information with UEFA. 

Forms which are completed incorrectly or inaccurately may lead to those named in the form not being pre-registered. 

Irish FA will not share this information with any other third party. 

Irish FA are entitled to directly contact anyone submitted via these forms. 

Irish FA have the right to review and reject any pre-registrations

Irish FA have the right to introduce additional criteria at any time in order to determine a priority booking system.