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Play-Off Ticket Information

Northern Ireland will play Switzerland in Belfast on Thursday 9 November, with the away leg taking place on Sunday 12 November. 

See our FAQs section below for information on tickets



When will the FIFA World Cup play-offs take place?

When will tickets go on sale for the Home Play-Off?

How much will tickets cost for the Home Play-Off?

How much will tickets cost for the Away play-off?

How many tickets will be available to supporters for the away play-off?

How do I apply for tickets for the away play-off?

What should I do if I have purchased tickets across various accounts

Please note, all lead bookers of campaign cards are strongly advised to log into their account manager to ensure all information, including email address is valid and up to date.

If you are a lead booker for multiple campaign cards, you are responsible for tickets purchased for campaign cards in your account during priority booking periods.

If you are a campaign card holder but you are not the lead booker of the account and therefore don’t have direct access to the account manager, you are advised to make contact with the lead booker regarding your ticket purchase. At this stage campaign cards cannot be transferred between accounts.

Should you have any queries, please email tickets@irishfa.com

All above information is subject to change.