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Next home fixture information

Following the safe return of fans for the recent Northern Ireland v Austria UEFA Nations League fixture, the Irish FA is working on ticket allocation for the remaining international home fixtures of 2020 at the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park, in line with UEFA guidelines and restrictions set out by the Northern Ireland Executive.  

Should tickets be made available, social distancing will be strictly adhered to in line with government guidance, meaning capacity will continue to be reduced significantly. If fans are permitted, we are unable to confirm the total number of fans or the cluster sizes of fans who can potentially sit together at this stage.

The allocation of match tickets for this fixture will again be via a ticket ballot for Campaign Card holders only. 

We are now asking all lead bookers to complete a preference form for UEFA Euro 2020 Play Off final between Northern Ireland and Slovakia on Thursday 12 November (kick-off 7.45pm). The preference form must be completed before 10am on Thursday 29 October. Lead bookers should check their inbox for further information.

Should you have any queries please email tickets@irishfa.com

  • Entry into the ballot is valid only by completing the preference form.
  • The preference form must be completed before 10am on Thursday 29 October
  • You should only apply for tickets which you are prepared to purchase.
  • You are not guaranteed the total number of tickets you apply for due to reduced capacity.
  • The lead booker will act as point of contact for all ticket holders within their account for track and trace requirements.
  • The lead booker must confirm names and postcodes of all ticket holders prior to fixture.
  • If a lead booker supplies a name of a ticket holder who attended the Northern Ireland v Austria fixture, the ticket will become invalid and will be allocated to someone else. 
  • If a lead booker applies for a ticket having already been successful for Northern Ireland v Austria they may become exempt from entering further ballots for any further match tickets.
  • Tickets may only be allocated in singles or pairs or groups of 3 or 4 and those sitting within a pair or more must be from the same household or within the same social bubble.
  • Tickets allocated through the ballot are non-refundable, non-transferable, cannot be sold on to third parties and cannot be swapped for a different fixture.
  • Ballot entry or match ticket purchase will have no effect on campaign card renewal options.
  • Match tickets allocated by ballot system will not be assigned loyalty points.
  • Campaign card holders who are successful in the ballot will be notified approximately 3 days prior to the fixture.
  • Due to changeable circumstances, tickets will not be distributed until 48 hours prior to match day and will be print at home tickets only.
  • Location of seat or stand can not be selected by Campaign Card holders.
  • Any changes to government or UEFA guidelines that reduce the anticipated capacity could lead to ticket cancellations. In this instance a full refund will be offered.
  • In order to allow as many supporters as possible to attend autumn home fixtures on a match by match basis, multiple match attendance is not anticipated.
  • If you or a campaign card holder within your account was successful in being allocated a ticket for Northern Ireland v Austria that ticket holder will not be permitted to apply for a ticket for this fixture.
  • If a lead booker does not complete the preference form in advance of the deadline all campaign card holders within the account will not be entered into the ballot.
  • Entry into the ballot is only via preference form and cannot be accepted via any other method such as telephone or email


Q: Are supporters permitted to attend the next home game?

A: At the moment this is under review on an ongoing basis both with UEFA and the Northern Ireland Executive.

Q: Why are you contacting me if supporters may not be permitted to attend the next home game or you do not know the number of supporters who can attend?

A: It is important to be prepared for the scenario of supporters attending the next home game. It takes a considerable amount of time to gather information and allocate tickets in this way. We are aware that not everyone will want to be considered for tickets and therefore we are giving Campaign Card holders the opportunity to state their preferences.

Q: Why are tickets being allocated by ballot?

A: Due to social distancing the capacity of the stadium will not accommodate all Campaign Card holders at one game. A ballot provides a fair process to determine who can attend.

Q: Why is the ballot restricted to Campaign Card holders only?

A: Campaign Card holders are those who attend every home game and therefore it is important that these supporters have the first chance to purchase tickets.

Q: If I was successful in the ticket ballot for the Austria game, can I enter the ballot for this game?

A: The same Campaign Card holder cannot attend any game more than once currently and therefore if you or anyone within your account was successful in the ticket ballot for the Austria game, they can not enter again into this ballot or the ballot for the Romania game. Other campaign card holders within your account who were not successful, can be entered. 

Q: If I’m successful in the ticket ballot for the Slovakia game, can I be drawn out for any other matches?

A: At the moment, we expect that restricted capacity will mean that supporters may attend one fixture only.

Q: If capacity increases will I be able to attend multiple matches?

A: In the first instance a ballot for Campaign Card holders who had not yet been allocated a ticket for any match would have preference. If there was availability of tickets after that, then a further ballot would take place for those supporters who had attended a previous match.

Q: Will I be entered into the ballot as an individual or will everyone in my account receive a ticket if I’m drawn out?

A: The number of entries will depend on the number of campaign card holders you state in your preference form therefore all campaign card holders in your account are treated as individuals for the purpose of the ballot.

Q: So if I have twenty campaign card holders within my account, was successful for four tickets for the Austria game where do I stand for this game?

A: For this ballot only those in your account who were successful in the ballot for Northern Ireland v Austria will be exempt from entering (in the above example four campaign card holders would be exempt and you could apply for any number of tickets up to a maximum of 16 for this game)

Q: What happens if the Government or UEFA reduces the number of fans allowed to attend?

A: In these circumstances, some ticket cancellations may occur, the lead booker will be notified by email  and a full refund will be offered.

Q: Why can I not be guaranteed my usual seat if I am successful?

A: Due to Social Distancing, many seats will be unavailable.

Q: If I’m drawn out in the ballot, why can’t I decide which match I get to go to?

A: Due to the ever-changing circumstances, it is important that we focus on one game at a time only. Our aim is to allow as many campaign card holders as possible to have the opportunity to attend at least one fixture.

Q: Can I swap for another game with someone else?

A: No, if successful, the lead booker will be asked to provide the name of the campaign card holder attending and this cannot be changed.

Q: How much will my ticket cost if I am successful?

A: All tickets will be priced at £40 for adults and £17 for juniors. A Ticketmaster service charge of £3.75 for adults and £2.25 for juniors will apply.

Q: Will hospitality tickets be available?

A: Supporters who hold Campaign Cards for hospitality areas will be included in the ballot, if successful they will receive a general admission match ticket as hospitality areas are not included.

Q I am applying for junior Campaign Card holders within my account, what will happen if I am only selected for one ticket?

A junior must be accompanied by an adult therefore if you have applied for a junior within your account, the junior will be successful only if an adult ticket is also successful to accompany them.