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Aktivora NI, which produces a super sanitiser for hands and surfaces, became an official partner of the Irish Football Association in April 2021.

The Lisburn-based firm makes a range of sanitisers and disinfectants under the Aktivora brand which destroy bacteria and pathogens.

The company’s products, which are made in Northern Ireland, are alcohol free - making them kinder to skin than many other products on the market - and contain plant-based extracts.

Under the partnership agreement with the Irish FA its sanitisers and disinfectants will be installed and used within the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park.

Aktivora’s products will be available to spectators as part of ongoing Covid-19 protocols via hand dispensers at turnstiles and other stations.

Aktivora products contain ‘seek and destroy’ molecules which penetrate and break apart biofilm and dismantle the cell walls of germs which in turn dehydrates them so they effectively implode, according to the company.

More information on Aktivora is available here