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Domestic Futsal Competitions

Futsal Strategy Domestic Development Objectives

  • Establish Senior Male and Female Domestic competition by 2016.
  • Establish 8 Domestic Futsal venues by 2016.
  • Develop Male Under 18 and Female Under 17 Domestic competition by 2017.
  • 48 males clubs and 32 female clubs participating in Senior Domestic competition by 2020.
  • 32 male clubs participating in Under 18 Domestic competition and 32 female clubs participating in Under 17 Domestic competition by 2020.

To participate in the 2018 Male Northern Ireland Futsal League, please submit your interest below.

The personal information captured is used for registration purposes for the Northern Ireland Futsal League Registration. The Irish FA Foundation will retain the personal information for the duration of the 2018/19 season.