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IFA Head of Community Relations, Michael Boyd, Welcomes the Launch of Glentoran Community Trust

Release Date: 19/05/2006

Author: By Michael Boyd

The official launch of the Glentoran Community Trust (the first Supporters Trust in Northern Ireland). The official launch took place on Friday 19 May at the Park Avenue Hotel in East Belfast.

“The Glentoran Community Trust represents the beginning of a new dawn in local football. The Trust is focused on empowering Glentoran Supporters, creating stronger links with the wider community and giving those Fans a voice to be heard. Supporters of Irish League football are more than simply Customers, they are much more important than that; they are the very heart beat of the local game. I believe the Glentoran Community Trust will pave the way for more Trusts in Northern Ireland, placing Supporters at the heart of changes and pave the way for a brighter future in the local game”, said Michael.

The inaugural meeting of the Glentoran Community Trust will take place in the Park Avenue Hotel on Wednesday 7 June. For more information check out

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