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Most Capped Players

Northern Ireland's Most Capped Players

Pat Jennings  119 caps
David Healy 95 caps
Mal Donaghy 91 caps
Aaron Hughes 90 caps
Maik Taylor 88 caps
Sammy McIlroy 88 caps
Keith Gillespie 86 caps
Jimmy Nicholl 73 caps
Michael Hughes 71 caps
Steven Davis 68 caps
David McCreery 67 caps
Nigel Worthington 66 caps
Chris Baird 65 caps
Martin O'Neill 64 caps
Gerry Armstrong 63 caps
Iain Dowie 59 caps
Terry Neill 59 caps
Billy Bingham 56 caps
Damien Johnson 56 caps
Danny Blanchflower 56 caps
Jimmy McIlroy 55 caps
Stephen Craigan 54 caps
John McClelland 53 caps
Allan Hunter 53 caps
Jim Magilton 52 caps
Alan McDonald 52 caps
Gerry Taggart 51 caps
Chris Nicholl 51 caps
Sammy Nelson 51 caps
Bryan Hamilton 50 caps
James Quinn 50 caps

Players in bold are currently still playing.

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